Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Good deal...

Picking this up today. It's only 30 miles from where I'm at. I'll put it on the Triumph. I opted for the Diet Mountain Dew. Amy thought maybe he couldn't buy it in his area and that's why he was willing to trade...

Peter Egan jamming on a desert sled...

footage of the Jack Pine triumph, really well done, with Egan's perspective. I'm not sure if that's him riding or not, but the rider is really
"gettin' on it". It's pretty rad.

Road King Flame Job-Part 1

All striped up and ready for clear
Striping the clear coated and sanded flames
Airbrushing a drop shadow on the flames
Peeling masking tape after black flames were sprayed
Ready for spraying black flames

So these are way out of order but I didnt want to re upload them all so deal with it:)

Anyhew, I wanted to post some step-by-steps on a House of Kolor paint job I did a while back. Not my particular style but it was super fun to do. The customer freaking loved and cant go anywhere without someone stopping him to ask about the paint.

I didnt want to do a 100% traditional flame job so I kinda added a scalloped border around the actual flames and kept all flames only on the sides of the parts so the top of everything was nice and clean with no flames. Also by letting the flames touch each other it gave it a more "tribal" look without going too tribal, which I hate BTW. All in I thought it came out pretty good...lots of long nights and lots of explaining why I wasnt home ever to the wifey...but that comes with the territory I guess.

Road King Flame Job-Part 2

Masked after tape. Ready for black flames
Fine line taped flames
Parts after silver seal coat, zenith gold base, kandy tangerine and clearcoat
Complete and installed
Close up of fairing with pinstripes...pinstripes added to front of fairing to cover up some kandy imperfections but glad I that happened cause it really looked good and added a little old school flavor to more modern flame job and a rather mediocre bike.

Got it

The DVD came in...Dave's garage this Thursday?? Lemme know peeps!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

XR vs Buell Review

Aaron's elegant dismount of the Ulysses.
So Aaron and I went to Hal's on Saturday to take advantage of some free rides on two neat bikes. The XB12 was sold so no luck getting to ride that one.

My quick review of the two...

XR1200 Pros
-Tight feel..could tell the bike was put together well and built with good parts
-Very balanced ride, one handed riding felt very stable and comfortable
-Styling...I love the way these bikes look
-Lots o aftermarket parts available for performance and such
-Can see some styling changes that could be made rather simply...tail section would be first on the list
-Seems like riding two up would be comfortable enough

XR1200 Cons
-Felt a little lacking on the power department
-Stock exhaust was too quite for my tastes as well as bulky and plain ole ugly if ya ask me
-HEAVY! Now I'm used to my DR so I knew it would feel heavy but it felt heavier than I thought it would
-My assumptions about handling were not fulfilled..though again I have to say that I had been spoiled by hopped up versions being ridden by very experienced riders on surprise there! Oh and again too used to my DR and thats not a fair comparison.
-Could not do a power wheelie for the life of me!

Buell Ulysses Pros
-Felt quicker and a little more flickable
-Exhaust sounded better (to me..not the same for Aaron)
-Very comfortable ride
-Engineering seemed better (more on that later)
-Power wheelied rather easily though I was on a demo ride so I didnt get too crazy

Buell Ulysses Cons
-Though it is obviously better engineered I cant say I think it is better built...felt a little sloppy to me
-Aaron noticed the trick and expensive front rotor was warped
-Felt bulky
-Smaller foot controls were hard, at first, to get used to..spoiled by the XR's oversized controls I guess
-All around felt like a cheaper bike.

Aaron and I had almost exact opposite experiences on the bikes so he can chime in with his thoughts. Initially I liked the Buell better but after all is said and done I would choose the XR in a heartbeat...not quite fair to Buell as I didnt get to ride the real mean machine but oh well...winner is XR1200!

Checked out the deal this aft...

some nice bikes, nice afternoon. I didn't stay long..

Saturday, June 25, 2011

so old school

my phone doesn't get pictures. I get a anonymous message from uscell that I have a pic and I have to check it on a cpu.

I get back from being out of town today and find this waiting for me.

not really sure whats happening here, but I see an entirely new direction for Dos Piston Rojo.

This is what you speak of...

1540 S&S Knuckle, whoa. Betcha it's got some giddyup...
I realize I have a handful of your Greasy Kultures, will get them back to you asap!

found on BratStyle

Friday, June 24, 2011

me likey this sporty

found on a blog that hasn't been updated in since forever...Fuck Myspace

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Buell input wanted


So I am doing some research on my next bike purchase that will likely happen either in fall or spring 2012. Was looking seriously at XR1200's and if I find one at the right price I may still go that route...only because of the styling, lame I know..but it's all about form right;) However I have been bitten by the Buell bug as of late and I can get a tuber for less than half the price of an XR. If I go Buell I definitely want the older "tuber" frame as I like the look better. Can anyone shed some light on Cyclones and Lightning..differences, advantages, accessible parts etc. Basically all I want is a good to excellent handling bike with an HD1200 power plant...for the sound of course!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eh, so its got four wheels......

The bike in the back of my garage

There have been more of these bikes made than there are Canadians alive!

About time I did something with it...

Monday, June 20, 2011

It's offical now...

It doesnt get much better than this

I had a rare opportunity to spend time with just my son Jack at the races on Saturday. Having three rug rats running around the house I find it hard to get any one-on-one time with any of them. The plan was to bring both Jack and Lindz's son Max to the races but Max opted to stay swimming at the pool...Mr. Jack Yoder on the other hand would have none of that, voting to go to the races with Dad....thats my boy! Most of the time was spent listening to his requests for a dirtbike, then "when can I start racing Dad?" and many, many other questions he had about how the races operated. All in all it was a fantastic time that I, and he, will remember forever.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Road construction is fun fun fun...

or "how I spent summer vacation..."

and now I know why I built this bike the way I did.

"How I spent my Summer vacation..."

Part two...

Friday, June 17, 2011

DicE video for Born Free 3

Out of all the born free videos this one is not only the least self indulgent, it's pretty damn funny...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Viewing Party Anyone??

Just ordered this DVD about John Britten and how he built a race bike 100% from scratch in his garage...cast the damn engine parts in his garage as well. We could watch it on Dave's High Def Flat Screen LCD he has in the big is that again Dave, 10"?

would be much fun...

Not sure when you are being deployed, Dave, but maybe...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bike night @ LuLu's Milwaukee

I believe this to be...

Doug Chandler. Probably from 1987ish. Super Bikers series. Purpose built 600 two stroke Honda MONSTER. This bike will kill you, rape your wife, then laugh at your bleeding corpse. All other bikes are total pussies compared to this bike. This bike runs on the blood of custom bike builders, it's exhaust is enough to melt the cases of "hardcore" biker bikes. Every other motorcycle should be ashamed that it's not this bike.

I don't think Doug Chandler would do any of those things however.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Stinky cheese

For some time a moto trip to Monroe WI to try a Limburger and onion sandwich has been on my to-do list. This Saturday I'm going to cross it off.

Vincent Black Falcon

Ran across this on Kneeslider today...maybe some of you have already seen this as it seems to have gotten a lot of press. With an apparent unlimited budget Falcon Motorcycles has an estimated 10-13,000 hours of labor into this project. The engine builders are claiming 70-75hp and 140-150mph topspeed...yikes!! Dont think I would want to be the guinea pig!

If you read some of the comments on their blog you get to read some serious haters and lovers....I get such a kick out people trashing a custom bike! I have always said "different strokes for different folks". This one is is nothing less than a masterpiece of rolling artwork and I would love to lay my eyes on it someday in person.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

so stoked...

about this tool box. Thanks Ben!

It's quality far exceeds the quality of ANY of the tools in it. Built a little table just for it today using scrap lumber. Slowly but surely digging my way out of my messy garage...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Some okay riding....

Balls of steel...check out the slo mo going over the hill. Isle of Man is definitely on my bucket list.
Stolen from FTWCO

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Ultimate Custom Guzzi

Like Moto Guzzis? This one could be yours for only $7500. What a deal.

eBay listing

craigslist listing