Sunday, July 22, 2012


Had a spark plug come loose on I-94, sounded like a truck's engine brakes. The plug blew out pulling the threads out of the head along with it.

A photo down the offending plug tube.  To me it looks something like a robotic chameleon's eye.

Because the plug tubes are so deep and the motor is a stressed member, the whole thing has to be dropped off the frame to get anywhere near being able to tap and helicoil.  So I am left with some options:

1. Bike becomes modern art in one of the flower beds
2. Bike is pushed off the Tenney Park breakwater into Lake Mendota
3. In the night, I trade my VFR for Dan's hoping he won't notice
4. The boring option - sell or part the VFR and buy one of these. You know, with the 75K I keep in my account in the Caymans.


Dan Yoder said...

Fucking gay!

WhitelinePsycho said...

Bummer man, time to tap the Cayman account . . . blech !!!

aaron said...

A motorized green machine! I always wanted to make one, but more go kart sized. I had a green machine as a kid.

aaron said...

I think you should take a break from the bike and not think about it for a bit before you decide. Dropping the engine probably isn't too hard, but you have to be careful removing the head to make sure everything lines up exact when you reassemble after an insert is put in. If you sell it, some mechanic will get a great deal.

Patrick said...

I still have a spark plug helicoil set that I picked up for that KE100.