Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rockerbox 2012

When this notorious bike rolled in, my little heart skipped a beat and I said to myself "yay! Tom's comin!"...then I realized it aint hoo! Weird is the only word I can use to describe that moment..not in a bad way but not in good way either, Im sure you'll understand...

This guy was packin' a secret weapon down below

As gorgeous and unreal as I thought it would be.

2 smokers! And a chick was driving the Zuki!

Yammi Maxim

Sick bimmer!

Honda RC30 in all its glory..fucking coolest bike there!

Good ride and was able to avoid most of the rain.


tom said...

These are great pics, Dan! That second one is a little weird, kind of like seeing a girl you broke up with with another dude. It's ok tho, she didn't put out and was kinda a bitch anyways. The seat section on that BMW is cool as fuck!

Dave-O said...

Nice pictures, but who is riding tom's bike?

Ben said...

"Club Documentarian" is what your vest will read.

It was the usual mind-numbing array of awesome. Don't know if I will be down with riding with that large a group again though.

tom said...

Patricks brother is riding the FZR. I would think that all that Bonneville heritage in his family would make it difficult to sit on a ratty rat bike, but I guess they actually like it a little bit. Who would'uve thunk it.