Tuesday, September 24, 2013

went to brooklyn and all I got

was five crappy phone pictures.  I know Dan and Ben have better and more to share.  Despite the perpetual smell that seemed to follow us, it was probably one of the best trips I've ever been lucky enough to be on. I'm still a bit drunk and haven't quite regained regularity, but it's all good.  Dan and Ben are great road trip compadres for sure.

10 pounds of poop in a five pound bag

 pop out of the Lincoln tunnel and bammo, in the shitty of the city....
 super high quality shot of the invitational itself.  It was much like New York itself, amazing, but so many people it was over-whelming and hard to really see ALL of the details.  (We did drink a boat load of beer tho.)
 Danno getting radical on his SE at the hotel.
 Ran into this guy broke down on the side of the interstate.  True biker, super nice guy, and didn't really need our help, but we watched anyways.
I'm ready to go back, but this time with a chopper.

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