Monday, May 5, 2014

the silver screen

Shitty picture, phone camera in dark movie theater.  If you look closely, those are actual human heads watching the little video on the Barrymores screen.  At Patrick's expense, they all got a laugh out of it.  Sorry buddy, the next film maybe we'll have you jump through a fire pit yielding a machete screaming bloody revenge.  The next film is in full on pre-production now btw, so, details will follow soon.  Well say for now, Dave is the anti-hero, he works for the grim reaper, who takes orders from below.  He will be sent to kill, all the while other(s) will be trying to kill him.  Guns, grenades, samurai swords, et all will be utilized.

Never thought I'd see the day...

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Dan Yoder said...

Hellz yeah Tommy! Was good to see it big!