Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It's on

For a long time I have been dragging ass on this T500 build.  Afraid of what I might find inside these cases.  The T500 '72 and earlier has a design flaw that doesn't bathe the transmission in enough oil and leads to slow but certain destruction.  The flaw is easily addressed with a beer can and some JB Weld IF it's not already too late.  Spare transmissions are made out of a rare element known as unobtainium, so splitting the cases was a moment of truth and determined whether the project would go forward or not.  Well good news, this tranny is in great shape and ready for the beer can mod.  This makes me smile from ear to ear.


Dave-O said...

Where are you going to find a beer can? I've got plenty if you're running low.

aaron said...

I can machine a beer can for you in my garage if Dave comes up short.

Ben said...

Thanks! I knew I could count on you all to come through for me. This is very important: only full, unopened beer cans will work. And I will probably need several of them in case I do it wrong the first couple dozen times.