Saturday, August 30, 2014

I know what this looks like...

...I was on vacation, but I was actually working on this trip.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Still in disbelief....

That this is the new screenshot for my animation.  

the video is right here...

Sunday, August 10, 2014

My weekend at the shop

Did the final welding on the front bank of primary tube and collector. Only had to splice in a 1/4" on each tube and cut apart two welds....learned alot about shrinkage to say the least.


Then I straightened the bent brake side rear sets, stripped the paint, drilled some holes and mounted some modified Speed Merchant pegs.

filming board, or something like that...

Two stroke with a single sided swingarm, brembo brakes, an expansion chamber exhaust, and serious chunk tires.  I am able to hold a camera and film with this as I only need one hand.  Huge vintage motorcycle faux pas, and kinda, maybe horse traded an old, leaky, clapped out xl250 for it...But it's all in the name of art, this is for filming the new movie.  That and the xl went to a SERIOUS enthusiast.  He now has 10 engines.  He's the head mechanic at scooter therapy and is a 100% solid dude.  Kris is stoked, as she has wanted a scooter for ever.

 As Jeff Wright said. "Anything less that 1000 cc might as well be a scooter."  Well, I now have a yamaha zuma. In the name of art.
Radiated Mutant Bikers from Outer Space is rolling right along. Just this past week Dan said "like a bike build, this is a succubus of money."  fuck yeah it is.

Happy 5th, Miss O

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Trials, Tribulations and a bandsaw vs knuckle mishap

After spending about 10hrs fitting up about $200 worth of cut up U bends I fianlly realized just how fucked the bends were that I bought. With all the compound curves, using them wouldve been a nightmare. Bought new bends from a different supplier and the difference is night and day. Moral of the story is spend the extra bucks on quality mandrel bends.

Front bank is all fit up and ready for welding....if I can use my right hand anymore that is.

Ill spare you the gore but you still get the idea. Mesh doesnt protect much from a 3000 rpm bandsaw blade....15 years using one and it finally bit back. Going to see my hot East Indian doctor today for stitches and a splint...rad!  

Friday, August 1, 2014


getting the tail dialed in a bit...

animated psych

I enjoyed this

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

so it begins...

film project.  shoot this summer or into fall, when we can coordinate schedules.

Quick synopsis:  Two (2) bounty hunters.  three, four or five (3,4,5) mutant zombie bikers that have been adducted by aliens then projected back to fuck shit up. Bounty hunters are sent out to exterminate the mutant-zombie bikers from outer space.  A news anchorman (or lady), possibly a sheriff or town cop that is interviewed on the local news, a couple of pseudo hippies, etc will also be in the film to tie events together.

Aliens abduct a few dudes on bikes.
Bounty hunters need to kill zombie mutant bikers.
Lots of guns, knives, grenades, etc.
blood, guts, gore.  Some digital effects, but as much as possible practical special effects.

I have an idea of who's who, but would like your guys input on what you want to be (alive or undead)
(keep in mind, the undead will need to have said bike dirty-ied up, with ratty zombie like appearance, along with clothes.)  (mutant-zombie bikers from outer space will also be creatively killed/blown up/chopped in half/shot/ and generally messed up in said film.)

As in the last film, no lines, no identities.  Will leave the acting to actors (I know a couple, will get with them....)

Still will keep it to three-four minutes...

here we go again...