Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rockerbox 2011

Often things that start like this...

...eventually get like this:

But Rockerbox is still fun.

Eventually we had to leave, but Max Wedge had to leave like this:

The zip ties replace a bracket that never was, but should've been, leaving the cracked braket you can see below the oil tank. We got it to Johnny Jeanjacket's shop in Delafield where I welded a new section to it and drilled it, and somewhere in the middle of that ended up riding to dinner in a 63 Impala done late-60s socal lowrider style, racing down farm roads with a 60s style pan chopper pulling along side in the oncoming lane, and period lowrider tunes making the Color-Sonic light show go off under the dash in front of me. Don't get hung up on the stuff, it was a beautiful moment. A time machine with good taste. And then eventually made it back to the shop to finish the sloppily remade bracket, which now includes a crude "engraving" of a penis on the bottom of it. Didn't head back to Madison til after 11.

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Dave-O said...

Sounded like fun!