Monday, September 26, 2011

Peep Show

Just ordered this flick. We can have a little peep show if any of you people are down. I got a Flatscreen/DVD combo tv thats small and portable so maybe we can view it at Mr Fisher's dungeon. Whoevers interested chime in and we can firm up a date.


Ben said...

If I offer up my garage I can con you into bringing the trike up here too right? ;)

In all seriosity I'll watch it wherever it shows. And happy to host if Aaron doesn't want to.

Dan said...

I was hoping to lure you out to MH so you can get drunk and assist in staring at the electrical system on the XS...thats my ulterior motive anyways. But if we end up at your place I'll bring it for sure.

Ben said...

I wouldn't even fart around with the stock electrical system, just gut it and make a new harness for what you need.