Saturday, October 1, 2011



Dave-O said...

You got the pipes off...sweet. Did you need to use that sawzall to get them off? Or is that to chop the rear end of the frame off. I never noticed how much shit is connected to the front loop and swingarm/mid mount area. Lots of spare metal in there it seems.

Dan said...

Damn, there was so much metal shit hanging off that bike..tabs, loops, center stand, motor mounts..all gone. Okay the motor mounts stayed but thats about it. And yes that sawzall was for the cross over on the exhaust. I turned the bolts about a 1/4 turn and out came the sawzall. I did give it a very fair chance to cooperate so it cant say I didnt try.

Pulling the motor was a cake walk with the exception of one stubborn, mega long, bolt. Once that was out, it really came out east peasy...thanks to Ben's help anyway...thanks Ben!!