Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bandit XXR

Picked one of these up...I'll have to wait 8 months to wear it, but I've read good things and of course it has its critics. Made in Germany, fiberglass shell, DOT and SNELL ratings...and I dig the style of it though I've seen some very well done airbrush jobs that aren't my style at all.


Dan Yoder said...

You bastard!! Now you need and Our Lady of Guadalupe airbrushed on it!

Ben said...

Very classy. I like the shaping of it.

How come you didn't go for the skull variant, would go perfect with a pink plastic mohawk!

aaron said...

I would actually really really love a Simpson bandit with a Guadalupe mural on the back. Hand painted with striping brushes would be even better, in case you've been wanting to get me a gift for the next 5 combined birthdays and chrismases.