Tuesday, December 13, 2011

if the holidays torque you as much as me

this will cheer you up.

Dumb and Dumber clip short from Mitch Corn on Vimeo.

I hate xmas and I'm not afraid to say it.
but I looooooooove d and d, 'specially this scene.


Dan Yoder said...

Can I trade you families this year Tom? You can try my Xmas with two baby mommas and one baby daddy and parents on both sides who are divorced...gotta be in fuckin 20 had damn places at the same god damn time!!!! Anyhew yeah I hate Xmas....and sorry for the rant!

Dave-O said...

Could be worse...you could be in Kosovo. And they stopped this clip at the part when he tells him to just go man!

Ben said...

Now I know where you get all your motorcycle styling cues Tom!

Merry Christmas ya scrooges!

tom said...

Dan, be careful there brother, murkey waters over here...

Dave, at least for now, I'd trade places with you, good chance your not going to get lectured on what a selfish, evil person you are for not being able to produce offspring.

Ben, I do in fact rock a teenage mutant ninja turtles helmet, really brings out my high-lights.


less than two weeks and it'll be over :)