Tuesday, December 11, 2012

HD big twin sportbike

I found it!  Dan sent me a pic of JJ's HD sportbike.  Dan didn't think it was the first HD sportbike and he was right.  I believe I once had pictures of this on my own site at some point in the 90s.  This is a destroked evo engine with 4 valve heads and downdraft intakes in a twin spar aluminum frame that supposedly weighs only 310 lbs all together.  It was built to win European hillclimb, which is like an uphill road race.  This is really a different level of bike building than what TV's exposed people to.  Here's the link to it:


Dan Yoder said...

That thing is sick! And according to the build write up, it likes to bite

Ben said...

Exquisite. And he pretty much completely stole the subframe idea I had for my VFR.