Monday, December 31, 2012

Repair work

Previous owner's handy work on a broken subframe mount.

How well said previous owner's handy work..worked

Welding seemed sketchy so I enrolled the help of the LORD

Then added straps spanning the cracks on both upper mounts with the same adhesive


tom said...

Dude, that looks better than brand new!

Patrick said...

Reminds me of fancy steel bicycle lug work.
Looks great, plus anything to avoid tempering. Heat treating hell.

Darryl Rotten said...

So wait,does this mean acrylic adhesive can take the place welding when repairing aluminum.If so,thats crazy,and I had no idea.

Dan Yoder said...

Yeah we've been using it for years to bond alum sheeting to our alum tube frames in sign applications. The stuff is pretty amazing and works as long as you have a decent amount of surface area. Not chep though and has about a 3-5 minute working time.

Dan Yoder said...

not sure that any acrylic adhesive works but I know this stuff does