Monday, April 22, 2013

Baab takes a trip

A 3000 mile shake down after winter repairs & upgrades - the only real problem was a broken speedo on day one.  Not bad at all.

DC, the day after the now legendary hat trick of whiskey vomit

VA Beach

Athens, GA

Talladega superspeedway museum.  Wish we could've done a hot lap!

This super tall man and 1/2 scale elephant bust are the only interesting things in all of south central Illinois.


tom said...

Not sure if it still does, but back in the day (late 80's) Mt Trashmore had a pretty epic skatepark. That and that last car you posted says "Globe Union" on it, not sure what the fuck that is, but my dad worked for Globe Union when I was a kid (early 70's in north milwaukee). Memory lane for memories I didn't even remember I had! Looks like a fun trip!

tom said...

my dad was in batteries for what it's worth. Re-looking at that car it says powered by Globe Union, maybe an early battery electric?

Ben said...

Yup, an electric racer from Wisco. I didn't read the whole sign because there were too many words, but got the gist.

We did not see a skate park but didn't look through the whole place either. It was shitty and rainy and we were in hightail it mode for warmer climes!

Dan Yoder said...

Looks like it was a fun trip! Glad the Saab did well!