Thursday, April 18, 2013


I may not go to the event anymore, but I'm really happy for these guys, it's still growing but seems to be in control (somewhat anyways...). Scott went to high school with my sister and I went to school with Scott's brother Todd, so Fuel Cafe and rockerbox has always been close to home for me. Scott and Todd and Tim (co-owner of 'The Shop') raced a CB350 and a RD350 in the late 90's early 2000's, I'll try and find my pictures, it was from my first digital camera... The CB is still at the shop, seriously cool bike.  Thanks Jay for the heads up on this vid!


Dave-O said...

Cool video...Rockerbox is amazing. I'll go if I have the weekend off to go...but I'm OK if I don't make it. Fuel is less than a couple miles from where I work on weekends and I'm a regular there on those weekends.

DPR! The exclusive gay drinking club!

beesa said...

Last year I went to get a shirt and stickers to support them.Made a walk and left..TOO many people.I liked it was it was under ground.Cooler people back then.I started to go in 03.Time to stop.