Saturday, August 31, 2013


Hey I got a food pic to go with your skateboarding videos you trendy hipsters. Don't worry, I'm posting this ironically. 

Montreal is good for food. If you don't like fancy restaurants or paying a lot, there's wood fired bagels, smoked meat sandwiches and portugese chicken. There's a half chicken under the fries, and a salad that stayed remarkably cool and crisp for being buried under all that fat.  This is the $8 half chicken combo.  They had rows of chickens turning over coals in their kitchen, and a line way out the door that we walked right by simply because we'd called ahead.


Ben said...

Yum. Where is the poutine shot?

aaron said...

I did late night poutine once to get the local experience. It's quite a thing eating that much salt and fat right before bed!