Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Eagle Cave is Magic

Now I know techno isnt quite embraced on this blog but some of you are well aware that I was, simply put, a raver...still am and will always have a connection to a pretty awesome part of history in the Midwest, where raves were born. Most people think of Chicago or Detroit when they think of the birth of techno as we know it today but our fair state of Wisconsin has hosted some of the biggest acts before they got big.

Case in point the world famous Daft Punk played in the US for the first time ever at Eagle Cave...the same Eagle Cave thats hosted the BBC for numerous years. This party has been almost folklore in the rave world and is still talked about today. The above vid shows some of the 3hr set Daft Punk played into the wee stormy hours of the morning back in 1996. Here you see a rare glimpse of Daft Punk in the flesh prior to their adornment of the robot suites they now wear...they never perform or go to events without those suits.

So next time were throwing back endless beers at the BBC, know that those are some hallowed grounds...some even consider that place magic.

A few more details here from party goers and the event organizers


WhitelinePsycho said...

Well said, well written . . . and very, very brave of you mate . . . it must've been big if ravers out here were talking it up at the time, and they were . . . rave on Techno Man !!!

Dave-O said...

This is interesting and I didn't know this. I'm into some Daft Punk, and some of the other music I listen to has influences from rave music. I wouldn't have ever called myself a raver, though I went to a rave and it was very popular but underground when I was graduating high school in 1991-92. Several of my friends that I skateboarded with were going to them. Regardless techno is huge in Europe still. When we were on the same post as Germans they would be pumping techno so loud from the vehicle maintenance bays you could hear it all over the post, and with the mixed sound of the Muslim call to prayer it made an annoying mix.

Ben said...

I think your fellow dprs might surprise you with what they like to listen to. I like music that doesn't suck.

This is really cool - I had stopped going to raves for the most part by 96 but wish I had caught this one! Drop Bass definitely was a force in that scene and I'm proud they were from good old MKE.