Sunday, January 5, 2014

Heart transplant

On a whim today, called Dave and asked if he could help for a minute. It took a little convincing, as he was deep into a Storage Wars marathon and has become a bit addicted to this 'Brandy' chick. The minute turned into five hours and a 12 pack of beer.
Those are indeed actual chunks of piston Dave chopsticked outta the case,

Believe me, this was as hard as it looks. What do you get when you pair up a really heavy engine with a weak-tit? near hospitalization with hernia like symptoms.
If Tron were real, and Tron were here, he'd ride the shit outta this thing just the way it is. Still a long ways to go, but with the pleasant weather we've been having, seems I have some more time to get it buttoned up.


Ben said...

Awesome! It's great you are going to put this thing back together.

Dan Yoder said...

Bitchin Thomas!!

Dave-O said...

I don't think it was the show I was addicted too. Have you seen the size of Brandi's boobies?

Ben said...

Thinking again about this, you guys must have been working hard if you only got through a 12 pack in 5 hours. Though you might have eaten up a lot of that with cuddle time.