Saturday, April 19, 2014

cycle gear

Anyone been to the Cycle Gear that just opened on East Wash? I'm sure it won't be as good as Madison Motorsports was, but ma and pop retired, and maybe they'll ship all the gear to us that's too outdated for californians and we'll get $5 race gloves.


Patrick said...

You can get some cheap Bilt gear all day, not much for quality stuff though. Good place to have on hand if you need a quick set of waterproof coveralls or tubes.
Worth a stop in to know what they have on hand.

tom said...

I bought an innertube there the other day. Seems to be a mix of cheap stuff and expensive stuff. Lots packed into a small space. I think it'll do well. Tools, batteries, small parts, shit tons of helmets, and lots of jackets pants, etc. Not one pair of $5.00 race gloves tho I'm afraid.

aaron said...

I bought a closeout AGV helmet I really like. That bilt stuff looks really junky.