Sunday, May 11, 2014

Whitetail Bluff Spring Camp Out 2014 order of appearance


This was our 4th time camping at Whitetail Bluff and this was the first time we took the trial out to the bluff.


Doug Way between Cassville and Wyalusing. 5-7 mile stretch of hardpack/gravel/dirt.

Wyalusing State Park

Back out to the Whitetail Bluff...Bluff

Back out again....

Killer weekend with the best of friends.


Ben said...

Great photos Dan, definitely captured the mood.

Dave-O said...

Definitely great photos Danny. Did we ever figure out who had this biggest bike? I'm sure Kid Rock was right...he had the biggest looking bike.

Dennie said...

Well done guys. I was glad I made it for one night!

aaron said...

Great pics!