Wednesday, July 30, 2014

so it begins...

film project.  shoot this summer or into fall, when we can coordinate schedules.

Quick synopsis:  Two (2) bounty hunters.  three, four or five (3,4,5) mutant zombie bikers that have been adducted by aliens then projected back to fuck shit up. Bounty hunters are sent out to exterminate the mutant-zombie bikers from outer space.  A news anchorman (or lady), possibly a sheriff or town cop that is interviewed on the local news, a couple of pseudo hippies, etc will also be in the film to tie events together.

Aliens abduct a few dudes on bikes.
Bounty hunters need to kill zombie mutant bikers.
Lots of guns, knives, grenades, etc.
blood, guts, gore.  Some digital effects, but as much as possible practical special effects.

I have an idea of who's who, but would like your guys input on what you want to be (alive or undead)
(keep in mind, the undead will need to have said bike dirty-ied up, with ratty zombie like appearance, along with clothes.)  (mutant-zombie bikers from outer space will also be creatively killed/blown up/chopped in half/shot/ and generally messed up in said film.)

As in the last film, no lines, no identities.  Will leave the acting to actors (I know a couple, will get with them....)

Still will keep it to three-four minutes...

here we go again...

1 comment:

Ben said...

You know I'm in. And the mutant zombie attire and bike condition sound just about like a normal day for me.