Sunday, August 10, 2014

filming board, or something like that...

Two stroke with a single sided swingarm, brembo brakes, an expansion chamber exhaust, and serious chunk tires.  I am able to hold a camera and film with this as I only need one hand.  Huge vintage motorcycle faux pas, and kinda, maybe horse traded an old, leaky, clapped out xl250 for it...But it's all in the name of art, this is for filming the new movie.  That and the xl went to a SERIOUS enthusiast.  He now has 10 engines.  He's the head mechanic at scooter therapy and is a 100% solid dude.  Kris is stoked, as she has wanted a scooter for ever.

 As Jeff Wright said. "Anything less that 1000 cc might as well be a scooter."  Well, I now have a yamaha zuma. In the name of art.
Radiated Mutant Bikers from Outer Space is rolling right along. Just this past week Dan said "like a bike build, this is a succubus of money."  fuck yeah it is.


Ben said...

Ooh welcome to the single sided swingarm club.

Dan Yoder said...

Awesome! Now...have you jumped it yet?