Thursday, August 7, 2014

Trials, Tribulations and a bandsaw vs knuckle mishap

After spending about 10hrs fitting up about $200 worth of cut up U bends I fianlly realized just how fucked the bends were that I bought. With all the compound curves, using them wouldve been a nightmare. Bought new bends from a different supplier and the difference is night and day. Moral of the story is spend the extra bucks on quality mandrel bends.

Front bank is all fit up and ready for welding....if I can use my right hand anymore that is.

Ill spare you the gore but you still get the idea. Mesh doesnt protect much from a 3000 rpm bandsaw blade....15 years using one and it finally bit back. Going to see my hot East Indian doctor today for stitches and a splint...rad!  


Patrick said...

Yowza, sounds like you got warned by the bandsaw. Amputation is never good. That twisty exhaust looks slick though, Can't wait to hear it.

benchdonkees said...

Them saw blades don't take any prisoners!!