Saturday, January 31, 2015

Stupid Races

Did race support for my dad and a friend of his last weekend.  The race is self supported, so I really was just there for mental support and vehicle taxiing.
They both ran 135 miles on snowmobile trails in northern MN.   You can either run, bike, or ski.  The average finish rate is 44%.

Required gear

Mile 35

Black Sheep Bikes

One Fuckin' Brake

One fuckin' speed

Back out after a 90 nap

These Surly signs tormented racers for the 5 miles leading up to the check point, people were pissed. 

Deer Boy

Surly sponsored Checkpoint 3 - Mile 112

Big fuckin' hills

Sleeping accommodations 

Fat guy in a little coat 

Troy Frost - 45:04 
Mike Zeigle - 50:28


Ben said...

Looks like tons o fun! Your dad is a ruler.

aaron said...

Thats cool stuff