Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Gettin weird with Watt

Cranky back + many limbo projects + workworkwork in the hot sun = off season cabin fever

Let's fucking ride, camp, look at stars, fuckers.  Say when.


Patrick said...

I was just thinking yesterday how happy I am that I was able to catch Mike a couple years ago at the High Noon with Il Sogno del Marinaio. God damn that guy can play.
Im going camping Aug 11-16. Worlds fastest campground. No shade. 400mph+
Anyone's welcome.

Ben said...

I got to see him a couple years ago at a small club in Chicago, and talk with him and shake his sweaty hand afterward. Friendliest guy ever, and life changing experience.

My daughter's birthday party is right in the middle of Speed Week or I'd join you in a hot minute.