Monday, September 12, 2016

Under my rock

Haven't seen that new Mad Max yet, was afraid it wouldn't measure up.  Good to see they did a lot of stunts for real just like the old ones.  But where's Mel?


aaron said...

Haven't seen it yet, but I was really surprised at all the whiners who complained about the estrogen levels, and changes to their sacred story tradition. Am I the only one who thought max was an asshole? Yeah I liked the first two movies, but really just for the motorcycles, and oddball vehicles. The story sucks, it's just some authoritarian asshole with a lame excuse written in for him to drive around with a fake blower and be an asshole. Goose was cool though.

Ben said...

If I was given the lame excuse of having my wife & baby run down and murdered by hoodlums, I'd turn into an asshole too.

aaron said...

Exactly, that's why it's such a cheap device on the part of the writers.