Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring season opener gone swimmin

Met Dan and Patrick at Rocky Glen off road park in Rockford, lovely warm day in early April.  Unload our motorcycles and gear up, all good.  Five minutes later I was capsized in aproximately four feet of muddy water, bike was submerged up to the head light.  It took all three of us to pull it our from the swampy muck. Sorry no pictures of this shit show, as we were all standing in water at the time!  After a bunch of kicking and swearing and draining and tipping upside down and standing on rear wheel, Dan towed me back to our cars, it was puking out water and I was done for the day.
Jury is out if I destroyed the bike yet, I have been draining it for the past day and have on order all new filters, spark plug, etc.  I have been told kerosine works well to kick it thru, as does gas.

post swamp reflection and boot drain.

I also managed to sever a gas line between the tank and petcock removing the tank and sprayed two gallons of fresh gas all over me, and my basement, a real shit show.
I really am grateful, and quite lucky Patrick and Dan were there!  I did completely ruin their day of riding (It's $25.00 to ride there) however.  I owe 'em big time.


Patrick said...

Psshhhhh, you don't owe us shit. I was the one who dragged you through the bottomless pit. I owe you if anything.
We'll get that thing back up and running here soon.
Not sure spring is the best time of year for Rocky Glenn, I preferred the place in the snow.

Ben said...

That, all of that, sucks. I hope the motor isn't hosed.