Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Planning for mid July.

Who's game?  Eight day trip (give or take, whatever you can do). Mountain campground. Light to moderate to heavy riding (pending on how we feel that day). Channel the spirit of HST. Get yourself out there, ride, drive, fly, a couple three hours west of Denver. Close enough to civilization, but up and away.  Don't feel like riding? Lay in the mountain grass, look at the clouds and eat jelly beans, or hike, or chase mountain goats, or hippys. And drink Coors.

This is Hunter S Thompsons old bar he hung out at and eventually ran for sheriff of Aspen out of.

 If you really feel adventurous, you can take Pearl Pass from Aspen to Crested butte, from what I've been reading, doable.

(people do it on bicycles and I think even hike it soooo......)


aaron said...

You had me til Coors. It's out of my range, but I hope you all make it and have fun.

Ben said...

This sound like a lot of fun. Anyone interested in renting a sprinter and piling a few bikes in?