Friday, April 1, 2011

time to spill the beans....

well, you guys are my closest friends, that's why this is equally as hard to say, as it is such a freeing feeling.

A couple of weeks ago Kris and I had a loooong talk. About our future, our current lives and what it would take to maintain a happy, health relationship.

Safety and reliabilty were both brought up numerous times.

We agreed to sell all the motorcycles, mainly due to age and lack of dependability.
I am fortunate however, that Kris shared the same enthusiasm for the open road with me.
Last weekend we went to Vestesniks and put down a deposit.

Don't hate on me, please. I know I've been making fun of these machines for awhile now, but I've since seen what they can do, and man, do these fuckers go!!

With the sales of the bikes (both going up on CL tonight), and hopefully good news from my accountant, I should be able to pick up my new to me (2009) ride in just a few weeks.

There are actually many options to customize these machines as well, I'm gonna roll stock for the time being, but we'll see what happens.

I wanted to wait til I got it, but I figured one of you would see the sales ads and the jig would be up then, so here it is anyways.
tres piston rojo? :( doubtful, but hoping you guys understand. hey, at leat I'm not turing into a wingdinger! :)

All said, I'm super fucking stoked and I'm sure when you guys see this ride (and maybe even take it for a spin ;)) you'll feel the same.

And yes, for the record, you CAN get the front wheels in the air!


Kris said...

So excited to hit that open road (on something more stable)! Hey, we should start a Vestesniks only club!

Dave-O said...

HA! :) Well good for you guys. I kind of knew it was going to happen anyway. And Kris, I'm afraid it would only be you and Tom in the club :0

tom said...

That just means our club is exclusive. Gonna get matching satin jackets with rockers, tight.

Ben said...

I was pretty sure this was an April Fools joke at first. But you gotta do what's right for you. I am jealous that you get to have something that is almost brand new. And maybe (just maybe) we can talk you into crossing the state line now?

tom said...

it is in fact a April fools :)

I hate can ams and think they are fully retarded.

Kris said...

I think they're cool.

Ben said...

Dammit! I knew it!

You two rule!

aaron said...

Whew! Dude, I was sure you were going to blow a back tire and flip over and die, since it was no longer the first as I was reading it.