Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Ladies and germs we have a runner. A little of that Seafoam stuff and some fresh gas, and she runs as good as ever. Lots of little details to work out but my mood is improving.

Got these sweet NOS badges for a 59-63 Benly Touring (the one I had in the back of the garage for a while a couple years ago) for the tank when it gets repainted.

This little guy is the shop supervisor.


tom said...


Dan Yoder said...

Does this mean I get to do some paint work soon? And BTW....FUCKING RAD!!!!

aaron said...

Great! I dont know anything about seafoam but i sure like their green paint.

Ben said...

Yes paint Dan, soon. Still going to make some more body parts and would like to paint it all at once.

Aaron, you got it right: I poured Seafoam Green in the tank. Why, is there another type of seafoam I was supposed to use?

motoguru. said...

I love me some Dunlop 616's!