Thursday, May 10, 2012

A little icing

on the poop cake I like to call a vacation.

Floyd's in Manistique, MI (when not being recognized for their ground breaking neon work) is a nice respite from the hospitality of the Michigan U.P., which mainly consists of watered down varnish gas and cold-ass nights at a campground with locked up toilets and no running water.  Floyd himself will come out of the kitchen to remind you of your mistakes in ordering the breakfast you wanted, and the grief it has caused him.  But he does it in such a way that you want to give him a hug and leave a big tip.

And on the way home, a quick stop at the hallowed ground..


tom said...

next time get the home made wheat bread fer criminey sake.

La la la la lambeau!!!

Dan Yoder said...

Aggro diner owners make my day!

Dave-O said...

Maybe thats part of the "atmosphere" of the restaurant to treat you like crap. Like Ed Debevics in Chicago.