Thursday, May 17, 2012


How to make exquisite wooden frame sliders in 5 or so easy steps.

We start with an "ingot" of Arizona Ironwood, completely not the same as the local Wisconsin ironwood, which is from the birch family.  The Arizona stuff is from the bean family.

A lathe is great for making square things round.  I don't have one so a guy named Dwight with a bitchin homebuilt shovel in his garage turned my ingot round for me.  Thanks Dwight!

Drilling out the center.  These tight grained woods make a big mess.

Routing with one hand while taking a picture with the other.  If the phone is smart, why do I have to be?

Getting it smoother than I can ever hope to be.  One handed again.

Not sure how functional they will be but I think they're pretty.

* edit to include a picture of the actual "ingot" instead of a boring stock photo


Joiner of Fine Furniture said...

Please note the vintage Delta drill press restored to perfection just for this task. The router technique is interesting as well. All in all a fine pair of knobs. Sarah would approve!

tom said...

Those are really nice looking, looking forward to seeing them on the bike!

Dan Yoder said...

Looks great Benjamin!

aaron said...


Dave-O said...

Sweet! I like stuff put on bikes made out of wood. I watched some video somewhere of a dude that made a tail section for his cafe bike out of bamboo. It turned out amazing too..