Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A friend sent me this link. Racing 125s on a go kart track, and it looks like they just put street tires on the 21"front. Looks fun and cheap. Here's the link to the track:


tom said...

It does certainly look fun. Patrick recently tried to trade me an XL125 (for my FZR)that he and his dad built up with 17's and sticky tires for just that purpose. Thsi is a transcription of our conversation:
P: Hey man, let's trade. I got a kick ass 125.

T: A 600 for a 125? Dude your on space cakes again, take a hike.

P: Come on man, it's got a built motor and HOT cams!

T: What the fuck does Rod Stewart have to do with this!

P: ???

T: the 70's were a cocaine induced haze of a disaster and even tho you think I have hot gams, I'm not so sure where you are going with this.

P: ???

T: Fuck it, just take the bike, I'm not interested in your sorrid tales of san francisco bath houses.

P: I'm audi.

(this conversation is paraphrased.)

tom said...

That last reply didn't really make any sense at all. Bath houses were never mentioned in our conversation, meth labs yes, bath houses no.