Monday, July 2, 2012

National Lampoon Yoder Family Vacation

My son Jack
Lindsey and her son Max
My daughter Kiah

Falls in Yellowstone
Freakish pools of scalding hot water like stuff...Yellowstone is a whole 'nother planet

We felt right at home in West Yellowstone

The fam with my Aunts Lisa and Liana

I've striped all of my Aunt's vehicles and she got a new one so I brought my brushes

You can cover alot of ground out west...high Speed Limits and no cops anywhere to be seen

Wild fires in western Colorado just into the Rockies

The best of a bunch of shitty photos of the Fire crew working

Crazy Horse...its fucking Crazy!

Airbrushed mural of Korczak, the mad man behind the project. If you dont know about this guy and this project, Google it...he worked the first ten years of the project by himself with very rudimentary tools.

No western bound road trip would be complete without a visit to Rushmore.

Some might say 3500 miles in tight quarters with 3 kids and your wife would be the makings of a 48 Hours Hard Evidence episode but quite contrary it was fantastic! Memories were made and much fun was had by all.

Anyhew..back to the grind!


tom said...

Looks like an amazing trip duder! Yellowstone is on my bucket-list for sure! Kinda looking forward to dead mother in laws on the roof rack and sharing cold beers with uncle Eddie stories, but these will do fine....

Dave-O said...

Very cool trip! I've been to Yellowstone and loved it. I was there in the winter and swam in the hot springs drinking beer and was about 10 feet from them buffalo.